This is the definitive discography of David's recorded works with Ambrosia, as a solo recording artist, as aproducer of other artists, and as a creator of special music projects, including his personal favorite "The Songs of West Side Story – A Tribute to Leonard Bernstein." 

David's work producing other artists and special causes is far more prolific than his own solo works and this is no accident, it has been his intentional choice for decades, a reflection of his belief that "we are at our best when serving others."

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+ Beato Band

  1. Somedays
  2. Cuba BC
  3. The Path We're All On
  4. My Old Friend
  5. Tryin' to Tell You
  6. Friday On My Mind
  7. And Your Bird Can Sing
  8. 'Til I Die (Nosotros)
  9. Treat Me Nice
  10. Reachin' Up (Space Age)


+ Silent Night / Evening News (Single)

  1. Silent Night (Evening News Dec 2015)
  2. Silent Night


+ David Pack's Napa Crossroads

  1. O' Blessed Vine [feat. Bela Fleck]
  2. Silverado Free [feat. Lincoln Parish]
  3. Next Adventure [feat. Alan Parsons]
  4. Vineyard Stomp [feat. Mindi Abair]
  5. Full House Full Heart [feat. Robert Schwartzman]
  6. Every Time I Look At You [feat. Larry Carlton]
  7. You Were The One [feat. Todd Rundgren]
  8. April Born In May [feat. Jeff Gargiulo]
  9. Wine Country Cowboy [feat. Jimmy Wayne]
  10. Corner Of His Room [feat. Mindi Abair]
  11. A Friend Like You
  12. Napa Crossroads Overture [feat. David Benoit]
  13. Crossroads Bound
  14. Harvest [feat. David Benoit]

+ The Secret of Movin' On

  1. The Secret Of Movin' On (Travelin' Light) Featuring – Ann Wilson
  2. Vertical Disbelief (That's Not Me)
  3. Biggest Part Of Me
  4. Tell Her Goodbye Featuring – Dewey Bunnell
  5. A Brand New Start Vocals – Steve Perry
  6. You're The Only Woman
  7. When Your Love Was Almost Mine
  8. Where We Started From Featuring – Timothy B. Schmidt*
  9. Everlasting
  10. Think Of U (Song 4 Kaitlyn) Featuring – David Benoit
  11. Elizabeth

+ Fearless (EPK)

  1. Fearless
  2. Your Name
  3. How Great Is Our God
  4. Touch of Faith
  5. Beautiful Boy

+ Unborn

  1. Tomorrow and Forever
  2. Natalie's Song (Dedicated To Natalie Wood)
  3. Deliver Me
  4. Light My World
  5. U Make Love New
  6. Sacred Love
  7. N 2 Deep
  8. All 2 Real
  9. I Love You Enough (To Tell You Goodbye)
  10. Beacon
  11. Cool Down
  12. The Last Time You Cry (Won't Be)
  13. Future Glory

+ Anywhere You Go

  1. Anywhere You Go
  2. I Just Can't Let Go
  3. Won't Let You Lose Me
  4. My Baby
  5. That Girl Is Gone
  6. She Don't (Come Around Anymore)
  7. Do Ya
  8. Prove Me Wrong
  9. No Direction (No Way Home)
  10. Just Be You


+ Ambrosia

  1. Nice, Nice, Very Nice
  2. Time Waits for No One
  3. Holdin' on to Yesterday
  4. World Leave Me Alone
  5. Make Us All Aware
  6. Lover Arrive
  7. Mama Frog
  8. Drink of Water

+ Somewhere I've Never Traveled

  1. And
  2. Somewhere I've Never Travelled
  3. Cowboy Star
  4. Runnin' Away
  5. Harvey
  6. I Wanna Know
  7. The Brunt
  8. Danse With Me George (Chopin's Plea)
  9. Can't Let a Woman
  10. We Need You Too

+ Life Beyond L.A.

  1. Life Beyond L.A.
  2. Art Beware
  3. Apothecary
  4. If Heaven Could Find Me
  5. How Much I Feel
  6. Dancin' By Myself
  7. Angola
  8. Heart To Heart
  9. Not As You Were
  10. Ready For Camarillo

+ One Eighty

  1. Ready
  2. Shape I'm In
  3. Kamikaze
  4. You're the Only Woman
  5. Rock n' a Hard Place
  6. Livin' on My Own
  7. Cryin' in the Rain
  8. No Big Deal
  9. Biggest Part of Me

+ Road Island

  1. For Openers (Welcome Home)
  2. Still Not Satisfied
  3. Kid No More
  4. Feelin' Alive Again
  5. How Can You Love Me
  6. Fool Like Me
  7. Ice Age
  8. Endings

+ Anthology

  1. Mama Don't Understand
  2. Biggest Part of Me
  3. You're the Only Woman
  4. Nice, Nice, Very Nice
  5. Life Beyond L.A.
  6. Livin' on My Own
  7. Holdin' On to Yesterday
  8. Angola
  9. How Much I Feel
  10. Time Waits for No One
  11. I Just Can't Let Go
  12. Heart to Heart
  13. And...Somewhere I've Never Travelled
  14. Sky Is Falling
  15. Still Not Satisfied
  16. Cowboy Star (edit)

+ The Essentials

  1. Nice, Nice, Very Nice
  2. Holdin' on to Yesterday
  3. And... Somewhere I've Never Travelled
  4. How Much I Feel
  5. Biggest Part of Me
  6. You're the Only Woman (You & I)
  7. How Can You Love Me
  8. Life Beyond L.A.
  9. For Openers (Welcome Home)
  10. Cryin' in the Rain
  11. Time Waits for No One
  12. We Need You Too

+ High Five

  1. Biggest Part of Me
  2. How Much I Feel
  3. Holdin' On To Yesterday
  4. Nice, Nice, Very Nice
  5. You're The Only Woman (You & I)
Big Sick.jpg

+ The Big Sick - Original Soundtrack

Ambrosia's "Biggest Part of Me" is featured in the film

+ Tammy - Original Soundtrack

Ambrosia's "How Much I Feel" is featured in the film

+ Knocked Up - Original Soundtrack

Ambrosia's "Biggest Part of Me" is featured in the film

+ Arthur - Original Soundtrack

Featuring "Poor Rich Boy" performed by Ambrosia co-written with Burt Bacharach

+ Inside Moves - Original Soundtrack

"Outside" by David Pack and Michael McDonald, featuring Ambrosia. David Pack, lead vocal.

+ All This and World War II - Original Soundtrack

1976, Featuring Elton John, Bee Gees, Ambrosia, Rod Stewart, and others Song: "Magical Mystery Tour"featuring Ambrosia - David Lead vocal.

+ Coast to Coast - Original Soundtrack

Features "Feels so Good to Win" by Ambrosia.


As a Producer

+ The Songs of West Side Story - A Tribute to Leonard Bernstein

Produced by David Pack

  1. Something's Coming
  2. A Boy Like That
  3. Maria
  4. Prologue/Jet Song
  5. Tonight
  6. Cool
  7. Somewhere
  8. America
  9. I Feel Pretty
  10. I Have A Love
  11. Prelude To The Rumble
  12. The Rumble
  13. Prelude To Somewhere - Orchestra
  14. Somewhere

Conceived, Produced and Arranged by David Pack

+ Kenny Loggins - Return to Poo Corner

SONY, 1994. Produced by David Pack & Kenny Loggins

+ Kenny Loggins - More Songs from Pooh Corner

SONY, 2000. Produced by David Pack & Kenny Loggins


+ Wynonna – The Other Side

  1. When Love Starts Talkin'
  2. The Other Side
  3. Love Like That
  4. The Kind Of Fool Love Makes
  5. Troubled Heart And A Troubled Mind
  6. Don't You Throw That Mojo On Me
  7. Come Some Rainy Day
  8. Love's Funny That Way
  9. The Wyld Unkown
  10. Why Now
  11. We Can't Unmake Love
  12. Always Will

David Produced and co-wrote "The Wyld Unknown" and "Why Now"

+ Committed 2 Rock

Produced by David Pack

  1. Alive
  2. The Middle
  3. Higher
  4. Breathe
  5. Flood
  6. Learn to Fly
  7. Hanging by a Moment
  8. Heavy
  9. Here's to the Night
  10. Wherever You Will Go
  11. I Did It
  12. Friends & Family
  13. My Own Worst Enemy
  14. Pinch Me
  15. Natural Blues
  16. Praise You
  17. Supernatural
  18. Amber

Conceived and produced by David Pack with David Schwartz/Mpowered Ideas

+ Patti Austin – The Real Me

1990, Qwest/WEA. Produced by David Pack

+ Patti Austin – Carry On

1991, GRP Records. Produced by David Pack

+ Disney's Music from the Park

With Brian McKnight, Linda Ronstaddt, Pointer Sisters, Take 6, others. Disney, 1997. David wrote and produced Disney 25th Anniversary Theme Song "Remember the Magic" for Brian McKnight; and produced Linda Ronstadt "A Dream is a Wish", Pointer Sisters "Yo Ho A Pirates Life", Patti Austin "Zipp-A-Dee Doo-Dah.

+ David Benoit – Shaken Not Stirred

1994, Co-Produced and Co-Wrote "Any Other Time"

+ David Benoit – Every Step of the Way

1990, GRP Records. David co-wrote, co-produced "Key To You."

+ David Benoit – Inner Motion

1990, GRP Records. David co-wrote, co-produced "Every Corner of the World."

+ Michael McDonald – Blue Obsession

2000, Ramp. Producer, "Ain't That Peculiar"

+ Get Close to My Love - Jennifer Holiday

"He Ain't Special (He's Just the One I Love) produced by David Pack & Michael McDonald. Written by David Pack and Michael McDonald.

+ Amor Sagrado – Volumes 1 and 2

Conceived and produced by David Pack with David Schwartz/Mpowered ideas for Univision.

+ Amor Sagrado – Volumes 1 and 2

Conceived and produced by David Pack with David Schwartz/Mpowered ideas for Univision.

+ Fountains Free - Taja Sevelle

Paisley Park/ Reprise Records (1991). David co-wrote and produced "I'm Givin In" for Taja while she was signed to Prince / Paisley Park in 1991.

+ Vonda Shepard - The Radical Light

Warner Bros./WEA. David co-wrote and produced "Clean Rain."

+ Various Artists - One Heart at a Time

Featuring Garth Brooks, Billy Dean, Faith Hill, Olivia Newton John, Neal McCoy, Michael McDonald, Victoria Shaw, and Bryan White.


Christian/Gospel Productions

+ The Purpose of Christmas - Rick Warren

With Sarah Maclachlan, Vince Gill, Third Day, David Benoit, Stephen Curtis Chapman, Adam Watts, David Pack, Saddleback Church, others. Produced by David Pack to Benefit Rick Warren's global PEACE initiative.

+ Tribute to Andrae Crouch

Quincy Jones, Take Six, Various Artists. 1997, Warner Bros./WEA. Produce and arranged finale: "To God Be The Glory" featuring Andrea Crouch, Bebe & Cece Winans, Patti Austin, Twaila Paris, other incredible all-stars. Grammy winner - Best Contemporary Gospel Album.

+ CeCe Winans - His Gift

1998 Atlanta/WEA. (2 songs)

+ Thank You Billy Graham

Oak/SONY Red Records. Bono, Leann Rimes, Billy Dean, Kenny Rogers, Michael McDonald, DC Talk, John Elfente (Kansas), Marty Stuart, Take 6/Mark Kibble, Andre Crouch & Christ Church Choir, Pat Boone, Jeffrey Osborne, others.

+ Handel's Messiah - A Soulful Celebration

David produced "But Who May Abide the Day of His Coming" for Patti Austin with Patti and Greg Phillinganes - project won a Grammmy for Best Contemporary Gospel Album.

+ Wayne Watson - Field of Souls

1995, Warner/Alliance. David produced the single "Class of '95" which went to #1 on the Contemporary Christian Charts and was on the 1995 WOW series.

+ Lisa Bevill - Love of Heaven

"If I Were His" and "Love of Heaven."


+ Bryan Duncan

David sang duets and produced vocals

Movie Soundtracks

+ Gallows Road - Original Soundtrack

David composed half of the music score (including all the guitar cues) for this independent feature film starring Ernie Hudson and Kevin Sorbo. Released in 2015. It was written and directed by his friend Bill McAdams, and produced by his sister Mary Jean Bentley, both of whom also appear in the film.

+ Beaches - Original Soundtrack

  1. Under the Boardwalk
  2. Wind Beneath My Wings
  3. I've Still Got My Health
  4. I Think It's Going to Rain Today
  5. Otto Titsling
  6. I Know You by Heart
  7. The Glory of Love
  8. Baby Mine
  9. Oh Industry
  10. The Friendship Theme

+ White Nights - Original Soundtrack

  1. Separate Lives (Love Theme From White Nights) - Phil Collins
  2. Prove Me Wrong - David Pack
  3. Far Post - Robert Plant
  4. People On A String - Roberta Flack
  5. This Is Your Day - Nile Rodgers
  6. Snake Charmer - John Haitt
  7. The Other Side Of The World - Chaka Khan
  8. My Love Is Chemical - Lou Reed
  9. Tap Dance - David Foster
  10. People Have Got To Move - Jenny Burton

+ Wildcats - Original Soundtrack

David co-wrote 5 songs with James Newton Howard, Hawk Walinski, and Patrick Leonard. He also wrote "Show Me How it Works" for Mavis Staples with film composer James Newton Howard and "I Don't Want to be Normal" (with Michael McDonald) for Randi Crawford.

+ Disney's The Music of Cinderella

With Linda Ronstadt, James Ingram and others.

+ Selena - Original Soundtrack

EMI Records, 1997. Producer/Arranger: "A Boy Like That" originally from David's "The Songs of West Side Story" used in the movie's soundtrack of Selena's life story. David considers this one of the most important and heartfelt works of his career, as it was Selena's last recording, only weeks before her life was tragically cut short. "Selena was one of the sweetest people I'll ever have the honor to have known. It's hard for me to watch the movie, truly her joyous spirit will live forever" says David.


Covers, Samples, ReWrites of Davids Songs


  • 2015 #1 Billboard Pop & Hip Hop Album "Dark Sky Paradise" by Big Sean - his song "All Your Fault" feat. Kanye West features a reinterpretation of David's "How Much I Feel"


  • Take Six, on their Join the Band album, 1994 Warners Bros

  • Justin Timberlake, from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

  • Barry Manilow, from Greatest Love Songs of The 80's

  • Jennifer Nettles, Country Star - Live cover, (YouTube) 2009

  • Soul Hooligans, Dance Remix, from What Is Hip, 2004

  • Tom Scott, instrumental cover, from Target, 1984

  • Juice Newton Featuring Frankie Valli, from Duets: Friends and Memories, 2010

  • Livingston Taylor, (James Taylors brother,) from Ink, 1997

  • John Tesh instrumental cover, from Sax On The Beach, 1995


  • Rick Springfield, from The Day After Yesterday, 2005


  • The Brat Pack, from The Brat Pack, 1989

TV, Radio, CorporatE BRANDS


NBC's "Roseanne Show"  
Roseanne Barr's TV Talk Show
David scored all the music/cues

General Hospital TV show star Jack Wagner's
#1 Hit "All I Need" David co wrote at Quincy Jones' request


Rick Dees Movin 93.9 w/ Patti Lopez
David scored all radio show cues (2005) 

Corporate Brands:

David scored all music for TV launch in 1996
#1 Shopping Channel in Japan

Avon:  "Avon Voices"  
Music Director; Celebrity Judge
Producer. 2012-2013
Producer: "Until You Love You" by Dianne Warren
Artist: #1 Russian pop star Valeriya