Fun & Dreams

You have found the secret "Fun & Dreams" page! Relax, float downstream, and allow yourself to have a little fun.

Facing the Changes at San Jose's Tech Museum (Music: "Riffs for Everyone" Excerpt, Leonard Bernstein)

Turbulent Tadpoles from Todd's Magic Pond in Kauai. Music: Mama Frog - Ambrosia (Todd who? Clue: "Hello It's..." that Todd!)

Mama Frog sighting in Poipu- with her leg in the air like she just don't care


My son's youthful artistic expression bubbling forth... Or his impression of today's global news headlines, take your pick !

Photos from Star Wars and Robotics Exhibit


Hubble Space Shots


Hawaiian State of Mind


David & Beautiful Wife Stacey by the Wavy-Gravy Trees of Carmel (Doris Day: What have you been watering them with?)