February 26 is the release date of David’s new project Beato Band, the debut album from his new group with long-time friend, drummer Fred Beato (CEO of Beato Bags.) Pack and Beato are reuniting for this eponymous album for the first time since they won the US Battle of the Bands in a group they played in together in 1968!

The release of the Beato Band album, represents an incredible career arc for the two musicians and old friends who reunited in 2006 when they accidentally learned they were both living within blocks of each other in Orange County, just a stone’s throw from their hometown of Torrance.

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David Pack and Fred Beato had been bandmates in Symbols of Tyme, their 9-piece high school band who won the national Battle of the Bands contest in 1968. They each went on to have their own successful careers, David with Ambrosia and beyond, and Fred with Beato Bags.

When Fred decided to finally make an album of his own, he asked David to help out by singing on a song or two. But as the two old friends hung out and worked on the project, they decided to do the whole album as a duo and supplement their tracks with top musician and songwriter friends including Steve Porcaro (Toto), Paquito Hechavarria (Miami Sound Machine, in one of his last recordings), Jimmy Nichols (Faith Hill), Alex Al (Michael Jackson/Stevie Wonder), Simon Jason Smith (Idina Menzel), Rafael Padilla (Miami Sound Machine), Francisco Torres (Poncho Sanchez), Ronnie Blake (Green Day), Charlie Bisharat (John Tesh), drum legends Joe Porcaro and Paul Leim and others.

The result is a thrilling blend of original songs and classics from when they were coming up as musicians. The lead single is “My Old Friend,” which tells of high school days, playing music and cruising the South Bay, and reuniting to reclaim their musical partnership.

They shot a video for the song, set in a variety of locations in their old stomping grounds, so look for a release date announcement – it’s coming soon!

ead more about the project at http://www.beatoband.com