Last year at the NAMM Convention and Trade show in Anaheim, CA, David moderated a panel featuring execs at Sound Exchange, the breakthrough digital collective management company.

It was a standing-room-only crowd, filled with those eager to know how they can take advantage of the millions of dollars in online radio revenue that Sound Exchange collects for recording artists every year.

Naturally, NAMM asked David back this year to host the panel again, this time with some fantastic special guests in the mix, including legendary drummer of Toto and The Who Simon Phillips, rising star Will Champlin (finalist on NBC TV's The Voice,) and Robert Coppola Schwartzman (former front man of Rooney/actor/director,) as well as top executives of SoundExchangeOrg.

Says David: "It is very rare to get to meet the executives of Sound Exchange or any royalty org in person; and I strongly urge artists from all parts of the music industry - whether you are a rising star or an old field soldier like me- to stop everything you are doing at NAMM and come to this panel & learn how to sign up, and get your questions answered.  If you're in band you guys will need to decide how to split the royalties and we will address those questions and more!"

  • Saturday, January 23, 4pm – 5pm.
  • H.O.T. Zone Room 203 A-B, Anaheim Convention Center

(You MUST have a pass to get into NAMM, this is not open to the public!)