Washington DC, Nov 3:

David brought his Napa Crossroads Live multi-headliner show to the "Presidents" opening day event for The Museum of the Bible. This fantastic event at historic Willard Hotel included former Kansas lead singer John Elefante, The Romantics' Wally Palmar, and David, all doing their classic hits followed by a crowd-pleasing Beatles encore.

David's superstar band included famed drummer Kenny Aronoff (Mellencamp, Fogerty,) bassist Alex Al (Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson,) keyboardist Jimmy Nichols (Faith Hill's music dir.) guitarist Dave Coyle, and Pack himself, along with 3 back up singers, Keri & Tommy Larson, and Shelly Scarr (all Saddleback church alumni.)

Museum of the Bible is under construction just
3 blocks from the White House via $500 million in funding from the Steve Green family/Hobby Lobby, and David
was given a private tour of construction in progress. It is scheduled to open in fall of 2017. 

David said "this is a total mind-blower, and something you'd expect Apple, Pixar and Elon Musk to have collaborated on, it's so technologically innovative."