David's new band project Beato Band (feat. old friend and high-school bandmate Fred Beato) has been capturing major U.S. media attention with reality-based new song "Cuba BC (Before Castro)" the true life story of Cuban-American Fred Beato and his journey to America in 1962 as part of "Operation Pedro Pan." The coincidental timing of Pres Obama's historic visit to Cuba while starting to normalize US-Cuba relations couldn't be a better backdrop for the release of this song.

David wanted to capture and preserve Fred's memories of the paradise Cuba once was "before Castro" and communism forced his mother to send him alone to America at age 10. It is unlike any song David has written - in fact no song about this subject quite like this has ever been written -  and David asked Fred to write down some of his strongest memories of Cuba as a child and actually rap them throughout the song (Fred is also the drummer on the track.)

"Cuba BC" ends with David singing and Fred rapping "So I say hello America, goodbye Cuba BC" in patriotic gratitude to America - the country that gave Fred and thousands of immigrants a new start in life.

Beato Band released a preview video to accompany the song, with footage of them in studio, on stage, as well as photos from Fred's childhood, and the song and video have garnered serious interest from NBC, CNN, the Washington Times, Sirius XM, and others who were fascinated by Fred's amazing story, and the friendship and music that Fred and David share

Please view a new "Special Sneak Preview Edition" of the video for Cuba BC, featuring historic photos combined with live and studio performances of the song by David Pack and Fred Beato:

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-Sirius XM: David Pack debuted songs from the Beato Band album to over 40 million listeners in a 90-minute radio special that ran throughout Feb on the 70's at 7 channel. The show is not online yet but we will let you know when it is!