NEW CD OUT NOW: BEATO BAND - feat. david pack


The year was 1968, and high school bandmates David Pack and Fred Beato had just achieved the unimaginable – their 9-piece rock and soul group The Symbols of Tyme won the entire US Battle of the Bands in Atlantic City, NJ. They were just 15 years old, and they returned to their native Torrance, CA as heroes.

The band didn't last. David went on to Ambrosia fame, and Fred founded Beato Bags Inc, the #1 US manufacturer of drum bags. But now these two old friends have come back together to complete their 1960's dream. Beato Band is their debut album, combining fresh new songs with re-imaginations of classics they listened to when they were coming up as young musicians.

Beato Band has already received great reviews, industry buzz and coverage in huge outlets like CNN TV, NBC TV, The Washington Times, and Sirius XM. [PRESS RELEASE]

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